The Spicery's 'How to be a Curry Legend' Kit Review

This is a review for: The Spicery's 'How to be a Curry Legend' Cookbook and 4 Curry Legend Spice Blends

My boyfriend bought me The Spicery's 'Friday Night Curry Discoverer' subscription for my birthday because of my love of curry, we really enjoyed this and were sad when it finished. We thought we would get the Curry Legend Gift Box to continue the new-found fun of making curries.
I'm 18 and to be honest I've barely cooked food from scratch in my life (Thanks mum), yet was able to make some fantastic meals using this kit. My family and I love the food made from the kit.
The product comes with the hardback cookbook, a bookmark, a 1tsp measure and 4 different spices which are used in recipes throughout the cookbook. This is convenient because if you follow online curry recipes, chances are you will purchase spices that you will only end up using once or twice.
The first spice is the Haldi Blend, this adds colour and flavour and is used as the base for lots of the dishes.
The next is the Mirchi Blend, this is a deep red spice consisting of 3 different chillies of varying heat, flavour, sweetness and colour.
Next is the Methi Blend, this is a fragrant spice full of aroma and brings lovely aromatic oils to the meal.
Finally the Jeera blend, this is a mixture of cumin, brown mustard, nigella seeds and fenugreek seeds.
The recipes are really friendly for those who have never even cooked a curry before as the instructions are easy to follow. At the beginning of the book there are various suggested menus of different mains and sides to put together (Eg: Summer, Winter, Vegetarian, Easy, Cooking to Impress) if you don't know what would constitute a good meal. Otherwise, if you flick to a certain curry you want to eat, it has a 'Goes great with' suggestion for sides.
Each recipe has a 'Also works a treat with', which allows you to either add or substitute ingredients. Lots of the time this recommends how you could substitute the meat for a veggie version, or how you could switch a meat for another meat. If you are a Veggie this book would be fantastic despite most curry 'mains' containing meat for this reason (there is also an entire section dedicated to veggie meals too).

They also have a 'Raise your game by' section, this allows you to make the recipes harder/better if you wish. One example is that you can turn Bombay potatoes into Saag Aloo by adding spinach and tomatoes. This basically means that the '80 recipes' become many more recipes with simple changes.
They also all have a heat rating, a serving number, prep time and cook time, so you can properly organise the times you will start each dish.

The question you are probably asking - What happens when I run out of the provided spices? Well, the front pages recommend ways you can stretch the provided spices to last longer (for example, mix 3 parts paprika, 2 parts chilli powder and 1 measure of mirchi blend together to extend it further) - but you can also buy more from the spicery's website. You can buy refills for each spice pot for £2.95, or all four for £7.95.
There are two versions of 'How to be a Curry Legend' on Amazon, the only difference is that one uses metal tins (they call this the 'Gift Box' version) for the spices whereas the other uses plastic bags containing the spices. The quantity of spices are the same (40-60g for both).

Overall I'm really pleased with this! The curries are AMAZING, the recipes are easy to follow and everything has a really well-presented and nice feel to it.

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