Best NCASE M1 Shoulder Bag? - Manfrotto Personal 40

I ordered a Manfrotto Personal 40 Camera bag as I realised its dimensions were perfect to fit my NCASE M1 PC.
The reason I chose this over some of the other bags that fit the NCASE M1 is that it has a shoulder strap, this is good because the case is pretty heavy so a hand-only strap isn't really appropriate. It's also much cheaper than NCASE's official carry bag.

The bag fits the case almost perfectly and is padded really well as it is a camera bag so is designed to hold delicate equipment.

It comes with a waterproof bag, so if it starts to rain when you are walking to your LAN party you don't have to worry about your PC getting ruined.
The front and side pockets are perfect for holding cables, I put in a PSU power cable, an ethernet cable, HDMI and some screwdrivers. There is enough spare room ontop of the case that you could also fit a tenkeyless mechanical keyboard (one without a numpad).

I'd definitely recommend the 'Manfrotto Personal 40' camera bag for anyone looking for a carry case for their NCASE M1.

You can order it from Amazon here: